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Customers often base their designs on achieving a certain functionality with an expectation of reasonable product life. This leads to their development of specifications and/or plans to convey their requirements.

  • Prior to assembling control equipment, our engineers review the project plans and specifications again in further detail.

  • They confirm that the intended equipment will meet the expressed needs.

  • They examine whether the standards for the supplied equipment have changed since the project was originally designed.

  • They note any issues with the intent of resolving discrepancies prior to field installation, where costly delays could occur.

  • Detailed wiring and assembly drawings are developed to meet the needs of the project.

  • Each piece of equipment is connected, programmed, and powered with their respective subsystems for functional testing.

  • Each subsystem is operated under stress to discover and to eliminate any potential weak points

  • The subsystems are repackaged and marked for deliver to contractors and jobsites so they may be logically assembled and installed.

  • Each kit includes detailed documentation for easy, error free on-site installation

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